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Never Again...
What is wrong with you?
Can you not see what you have put me through?
The lies.
The cheating.
The torture.
The pain.
The tears.
And you just expect me to let it all wash away.
Wash away with the rain.
It is just like a dagger,
Sinking deeper into my heart.
You make it worse.
You get mad at me for the fights you start.
Why am I to blame?
Am I accused because you are too afraid?
Too afraid to hang your head in shame?
I hate you.
You tore up my heart.
I wish,
You and I,
Could finally be apart.
Try to ingore me.
Try to be serious.
Try to leave me be.
But you are too curious.
You will not go away.
You can try to come back to me.
But I will still hate you.
You got the karma.
You got the truth.
They will not love you,
Like I once did.
Do not even bother crawling back to me.
Do not try and say "I love you".
You are not what I need.
You are not what I want.
Not now...
Not ever...
Never again....
:icondarcrocker:DarcRocker 0 5
Painful Nightmares
She has beautiful nightmares...
Eloquent yet Ignorant...
Bitter yet sweet...
But no one is here to see them...
No one to hold her hand...
All that comforts her is pain...
Never ending pain...
She hadn't moved...
All day she had not left the room.
She did not feel well.
Her stomach churned, her heart ached everything seemed wrong with everything.
She tried to get up, to go back to her own quarters but she couldn't find the strength.
She sat up and the room spun violently around her.
She whimpered pushing herself to the edge of the bed.
She swung her legs over the edge and unto the floor.
The room spun again.
She pulled her legs back up onto the bed and rolled into a ball trying to will the pain away.
:icondarcrocker:DarcRocker 0 0
A Suicide Ticket
Hurt and anguish written on her face
Yet she always puts on a fake smile
False pretense concealed on the surface
She had been crying out all this while
Yet no one bothers to help
Instead, they put her down
She cried until she leaked a bloody tear
Still, there was no Savior around
God, you are her only opportunity
Please save her from this loneliness
Her world remained colder than before
She was still waiting for God's reply
She could not take the pain any longer
And decided to bid good bye
She told them all that it was too late
She ended her existence once and for all
She jumped off the ledge and into her fate
But at least she found serenity at the end of her fall
God, she should have waited for your reply
But she could not live with a broken heart
For there is no solution; only to die
To keep herself from being ripped apart
:icondarcrocker:DarcRocker 0 0
Mature content
Ms. Insanity: Embrace the Insanity :icondarcrocker:DarcRocker 0 2
Mature content
Ms. Insanity :icondarcrocker:DarcRocker 1 2

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Okay. I would like to start off with I have a new picture. Yay! Look at my ID for the pic and who made it. It was made for me and it is me as a neko and I love it. It's so cute. ^^

Next, I have been working on some things for other place for a while now, I haven't really be working on my writing. BUT!! Once I'm done with all the things I be doing, I will keep going with the story I have and work on some other things. I'll go through and post some poems too.

IF!! If I make a picture, because I can't draw to save my live, it would most likely be something that has a quote that I made on it or something. I don't know. I can't draw so it would be done with computer-ful magic.

I think that's it. I could be wrong, might for forgetting something.

Keep on Rocking. Keep on Rolling. Later. <3
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Kitty Dakyakage
United States
The ID Pic was made by And I love it!!! Meow! ^^~~

I can NOT draw to save my life. Pfft. I can't even draw stick people without them looking weird. Ha ha! But I do edit pictures pretty well. Kinda.
Anyway, I write. Stories, poems, that kinda thing. It's what I do.
What else... Oh! The friends thingy on there.. They are not my friends... Well.. some might be, some might not be.. Anyway, I have the people I watch there so I can just go right to their account if I want to... Until I figure out how to get it so I can see the people I'm watching, that's just how that's going to be. So.. Yeah... sorry. ^^''
Wanna know more? Okay then, I'm just that crazy Darc Rocker. ^^ Rock Out!


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